Spring Creek Greenway

The Spring Creek Greenway is a planned linear greenway located in Spring, TX 77373. The project will connect existing green spaces to create the largest urban park in Texas. It is meant to showcase the native flora and fauna of the region and provide connections for hikers, mountain bikers, equestrians, joggers, and walkers. The greenway will be traversed by two major rivers: the Llano River and the West Fork of Spring Creek. The bike trail will connect approximately 12,000 acres of land with an elevation range from 500 feet at its western end to 4,000 feet at its eastern end. The primary focus has been on connecting natural waterways that are suitable for aquatic recreation as well as restoring habitat along them. The Spring Creek Greenway leads to some of the most beautiful spots in Central Texas: Big Bend National Park, Lost Pines Forest Preserve, Lake Travis, and Mountfield Ranch State Natural Area.  More.

The Llano River Trail:

The majority of the greenway will be a rough trail along the West Fork of Spring Creek. This trail is currently under construction, but has been completed to Millers Park (mile 0). Starting at Millers Park, the greenway looks like this: From this point, you can travel in either direction (west to east or east to west) along the greenway. If you’re traveling east to west, you’ll travel along the creek, taking in the LaMarta Bridge, Aso Camp, and Millers Park (mile 1.9) before heading north to Pecan Gap (mile 3.2). You’ll cross over the creek and follow the trail as it climbs up Blue and Whitetail Creeks. South to North: From Pecan Gap, the greenway will lead you down Whitetail Creek before heading up Blue Creek to the Whitetail Wall, a railing that marks the boundary between Williamson and Travis Counties. From here, you’ll turn east and follow the creek as it passes through the Llano River Wilderness, a section of the river managed by the Bureau of Land Management and off-limits to the public. After passing through this wilderness section, the trail will take you to the West Fork Greenway Trailhead, which connects with the West Fork Greenway Trail. North to South: From the West Fork Greenway Trailhead, you’ll travel along the West Fork of the river until you reach the Pecan Gap Trailhead. The greenway will lead you south and east through the Lost Pines Forest Preserve to the Lost Pines Trailhead. You can connect with the Lost Pines Forest Preserve Trail or take the Llano River Trail to return to your starting point.

Getting to Know Mountfield Ranch State Natural Area:

If you’re considering traveling along the greenway, there are a few places you should know about first. The first is Mountfield Ranch State Natural Area, a 1,200-acre public park about 12 miles east of Fredericksburg. This park preserves native prairie and wildlife habitat, with a visitor center, hiking trails, and a prairie dog town. If traveling east to west along the greenway, you can quickly stop in Fredericksburg to see what the city offers. The next natural area you should know about is the Lost Pines Forest Preserve. This 160-acre preserve is located about 8 miles north of Llano, a great alternative to traveling further south to see the same sights. If traveling north to south along the greenway, you can stop in Llano to see the Llano River Trail and Pecan Gap Trails. These trails offer inspiring views of Lake Austin, the Colorado River, and the Hill Country.

Important Terminology You Should Know:

– A linear greenway is a type of greenway that is generally connected to existing public parks and trails, allowing for easy access and seamless connections. – A mountain bike trail is generally a route designed for mountain bikes. Unlike hiking, a mountain bike trail has more technical features, such as steep slopes and narrow pathways. – A hiking trail is generally designed for hiking, with less technical features than those on a mountain bike trail.

Final Words

We hope this article has given you an in-depth look into the Spring Creek Greenway project and why it is so important. We’re excited to see it come to fruition and hope you’ll get out there and experience the West Fork of Spring Creek Trail. Whether you travel along the trail for just a mile or 10, the West Fork of Spring Creek Greenway will provide you with an exciting and unique experience.

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