Mercer Botanic Gardens

The Mercer Arboretum in Humble, Texas is home to over five-thousand trees and shrubs, native plants, flowers, seasonal displays and more. With so many different varieties of plants, each with their own unique needs and requirements for care, a day at the Arboretum is never the same as another. As an arboretum that’s open to the public for self-guided tours seven days a week from 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m., there’s a lot that goes on every single day here. What does an arboretum gardener do? How about when it’s dark outside? It might not seem like it but every single one of these questions have been answered by our arboretum crew here at Mercer Arboretum, which is why you can trust that your private tour will be just as interesting as the next one. This amazing destination is located at 22306 Aldine Westfield Rd, Humble, TX 77338. More information.

Lunch Break: Eat, Relax and Manicure Your Gardeners

As much as you’d like to, you can’t work all day in the garden. So your crew takes a break every lunchtime to eat, relax, and get manicured. Your gardener gets manicures because she loves them and the other crew members get pedicures because they love their feet. But be warned: your gardeners will be extra-charming when they’re getting their nails done and will even offer their foot massages for free. Gardener meals, relaxation, and manicures are not included in your private tour price. However, you may also join your crew for one of the many Mercer Arboretum social events to meet the staff in a more relaxed setting.

Afternoon Arrival

After a long day of work, your crew is greeted by a friendly Mercer Arboretum employee, who is happy to give them a tour of the grounds, answer any questions they have, and generally make them feel welcome. After you and your gardener enjoy a nice lunch together, you’ll spend the rest of the afternoon answering questions, discharging any tasks that need finishing before your private tour, and assessing your crew’s readiness for your visit.

Tasks Completed and Discharge: Departure

After lunch, your crew will spend the rest of the afternoon completing tasks that need finishing and discharging any tasks that need finishing before your private tour, such as removing deadwood, pruning, and removing litter. By this point, your crew should be both well-rested and in decent shape physically and mentally for your visit. This is the time to make sure that you and your gardener don’t have any last-minute questions answered and that you’re both ready to see the Arboretum in its best form possible. After you’ve discharged any tasks that need finishing, your gardener will go to dinner and spend the evening with friends and family. You, however, will stay behind to finish up any tasks that need finishing ahead of your visit, such as tidying up, returning tools, and removing deadwood. Once all the finishing touches are taken care of, you’ll join your gardener for dinner and a relaxing evening.

Overnight Stay

After dinner, you and your gardener will stay in the Arboretum overnight. While your gardener is sleeping in the quiet of the night, you’ll be well-rested, ready for an exciting day exploring the Arboretum in the morning. In the morning, you and your gardener will enjoy a leisurely breakfast before getting dressed and heading over to the Visitor Center to meet with the Mercer Arboretum staff. From there, you’ll spend the rest of the day exploring the Arboretum, taking photos, and asking any questions you have while learning more about Mercer’s amazing history. At the end of the day, you’ll enjoy a delicious dinner before bed.

Final Thoughts

The Mercer Arboretum is a place of great beauty, history, and mystery. Don’t miss your chance to visit; reservations are recommended. The Arboretum is open for self-guided tours seven days a week from 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m. If you’re looking for an arboretum with an abundance of trees, shrubs, and wildflowers, then look no further than Mercer Arboretum in Humble, Texas. With over five-thousand different varieties of plants, it’s a great place to learn more about native plants and get a closer look at the beauty that nature has to offer.