Old Town Spring

Old Town Spring is a small, historic town located in Bell County. Located just 30 minutes from downtown Fort Worth and the beautiful Lake Lewisville, Old Town Spring has preserved its historic charm while also embracing new growth and development. If you’re looking for a relaxing getaway with breathtaking scenery and friendly locals, Old Town Spring should be at the top of your list! Here’s everything you need to know about this picturesque town. You can explore this amazing destination at 403 Main St, Spring, TX 77373.

What is Old Town Spring?

When people think of Texas, they often think of the southern part of the state. However, the North Central part of the state is packed with incredible places just waiting to be discovered. Among these places is the small town of Old Town Spring. While you may associate the town with being in the state’s southern region, this charming community is actually located just north of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Old Town Spring is a town full of cultural significance. As you walk down Main Street, you’ll notice the many historic buildings that make up the town’s architecture. You’ll also notice that the town is filled with many art galleries and other businesses that have ties to the area’s artistic culture. Furthermore, the town has a rich history that dates back to the early days of Texas.

Where is Old Town Spring?

Old Town Spring is located in central Texas, just north of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. The town’s location makes it a great destination for travelers looking for easy access to major cities, beautiful scenery, and a fun-loving community.

Things to Do in Old Town Spring

There are a number of things to do in Old Town Spring. If you’re looking to explore the area’s history, you can visit the Texas Legends Museum. You can learn more about the town’s history at the Old Town Spring History Museum, or visit the art galleries that are littering the town. If you’re interested in the town’s artistic culture, you can visit the Bell County Art League, the Old Town Spring Arts and Crafts Fair, or the various art galleries located in the town. Finally, if you’re looking for outdoor activities, you can explore the nearby Lake Lewisville and hike in nearby parks.

Stay safe in Old Town Spring

If you’re visiting Old Town Spring, you’ll quickly discover that it is a safe place to visit. The town has a low crime rate, and visitors will also notice that many locals are open-minded and accepting of others. If you’re interested in exploring the town’s LGBTQ culture, you’ll notice that it’s something that exists here. If you’d like to learn more about the town’s culture, you can attend the Old Town Spring Pride Festival. If you’d like to explore the town’s historic architecture, you can visit the Old Town Spring Architectural Heritage District. If you’d like to explore the area’s natural beauty, you can visit the nearby Lake Lewisville or hike in nearby parks. Next article.


If you’re looking for a historic getaway that’s also close to major cities and has stunning scenery, you should consider visiting Old Town Spring. The town is filled with historic buildings and art galleries, making it a great place to explore the area’s history and culture. People who visit will also find a safe, low-crime community that is open to new people and accepting of differences. If you’re interested in exploring the area’s LGBTQ culture, the historic architecture, or the natural beauty of the area, you should visit Old Town Spring!