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How to Get Rid of Spiders Today

Spiders are one of the most feared and reviled creatures on earth. No one quite knows why we love to hate spiders like we do. Arachnophobia is real, and there are people who would rather jump off a cliff than take on a spider…. More

How to Get Rid of Spiders Today

Spiders are one of the most feared and reviled creatures on earth. No one quite knows why we love to hate spiders like we do. Arachnophobia is real, and there are people who would rather jump off a cliff than take on a spider. But in reality, most spiders are harmless. There are a few spiders, like the brown recluse and the black widow, which can cause serious harm if they bite. The majority of spiders only bite when threatened and their bites are usually less bothersome than a mosquito or fly bite. As irrational as it seems, spider fear still exists. Fortunately you can get rid of spiders fairly easily if they scare the bajeebers out of you.

Spiders are Predators

Spiders love to eat other bugs and insects. They catch them in webs. Spiders have bad eyesight but great sense of vibration. When they feel their helpless prey struggling to free itself (which is very difficult due to the wonderfully efficient properties of spider webbing), spiders will come down the web and feed. You can make your home less hospitable to spiders by reducing the other insects that live there.

Throw Away Your Food

Many insects and pests are drawn to rotting food. The more bugs that are drawn to the food, the more spiders you will have. Place all discarded food in tightly sealed garbage cans and regularly remove the garbage.

Outdoor Lights

Have you ever noticed how bugs are attracted to your outdoor lights? Well, spiders notice this too. Keeping your lights off will reduce both your bug and spider populations. Consider yellow sodium “bug lights” if you want to retain your outdoor lighting.

Cardboard and Paper

Spiders love to live in cool dry places like cardboard boxes and stacks of paper. Check your basement and storage areas for spiders living in these items.

Picking Up Spiders

No great skill is required to pick up a spider. They are not particularly fast or devious. Simply wad up a paper towel and scoop it up. Release it outdoors, or if you so desire, stomp it under your shoe (mean you). A vacuum will work just as nicely if you are loathe to catch a spider by hand, albeit with less personal satisfaction.

Spiders and Drains

Hint: Throwing a live spider down a drain with running water does not work. The spider will curl up into a ball and create an air pocket until their fun little water ride is over. It will then climb right out of your sink.

Ruining the Web Does Not Work

Removing a spider web does not get rid of a spider unless you take out the spider at the same time. Spider spin webs in a location because their prey is in the area. If you don’t get the spider it will promptly build another web in the same location!

Spider Traps

There are commercially available spider traps that will ensnare spiders on a sticky surface. Isn’t that ironic – a spider getting trapped by something sticky?

Anecdotal Remedies

There are a host of remedies that spider-haters swear by. Washing your windows with ammonia seems to repel spiders. Hedge apples (available in supermarkets during the summer months) are an anathema to spiders. Spiders hate the smell of cedar chips and eucalyptus leaves, so spreading these around your house will keep spiders away and provide you with a rather pleasant scent.

Spider Bites

If you should be bitten by a spider, watch very carefully for signs of allergic reaction. Shortness of breath, nausea and inability to swallow are clear signs to immediately seek medical attention. Brown recluse and black widow spider bites often inflict great pain and anguish and can sometimes cause death. Most spider bites are harmless, but do not fool around if you experience ominous symptoms.

You Can Get Rid of Spiders

Spiders are usually beneficial creatures because they eat other pests. However, people fear and hate spiders more than most other critters in their homes. You can get rid of spiders by removing other bugs and insects from your home. This can be accomplished by removing rotting food and garbage and keeping your outside lights off. Check cardboard and paper for spiders. You can pick spiders up with a paper towel or vacuum them up. Spider traps are available to catch spiders and there are a host of well known remedies that will get rid of spiders. Good luck to you as you do battle with your eight legged foe!

It should not be normal to have a lot of spiders in your house. If you see spiders frequently you need to look for a possible point of entry. Look at your windows and make sure none are cracked and even look for cracks in the seam of your house. Spiders like quiet, undisturbed locations in the home such as the corners of ceilings, behind furniture, beneath beds, across window panes and inside closets and cupboards. They are also good at finding ways into your house through pipes, cracks and openings. One of the most terrifying places for a person scared of spiders to find one of these creatures is climbing out of a sink or bathtub.

Now unless you find more than one or two spiders in the home at any one time, it is unlikely you will have a problem with spider infestations. Spiders, as pointed out in the preceding paragraph can wander in through a variety of ways, including on clothing, pets, bags and garden implements. if on the other hand you spot up to half a dozen in your home, then the following actions should be taken and continued thereafter.

Vacuum clean the flooring in each room regularly. Lift chairs, tables and other objects so you get at every square inch of the carpet, wooden floorboards, stone or vinyl coverings. Shake floor mats and rugs in the yard and get them as dust free as possible. In the kitchen and bathroom, mop the floor often.

Purchase dust mops and clean the ceiling corners, wall corners and behind the doors of each room, particularly those that are left open such as the doors leading to the hallway. If you store items under the beds, then buy sliding storage containers or boxes that will provide sealed areas for the various bits and pieces. Spiders like hiding in old clothing, shoes and toys.

Replace cardboard boxes with plastic boxes which are available to buy very cheaply. I like these better than the cardboard versions for they look better and they last a lot longer. They are also more spider-proof and not as attractive as the card variety. Spiders love cardboard boxes like children love ice cream. If you find a crack you can by commercial products that you put in the crack and the fill out essentially closing the entryway to the spiders. This is a safe, effective way to treat for spiders.

If the infestation is more serious you might need to call an exterminator. Be sure to tell your exterminator about any children or pets you have in the house because this might affect how they choose to eradicate the infestation. You do not want glue traps lying around where children or pets might be playing, for instance.