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Commercial Pest Control


Termite Control

  • Preconstruction termite services can save you vast amounts of money in comparison to treating active infestations once the building is completed and occupied.
  • We recommend treating the soil before the slab is poured.
  • Placing a chemical barrier under the slab ensures that termites will not enter the structure.
  • Post construction termite services include chemical treatments using sub-slab injections, soil barrier treatments and interior wall treatments.

Pest, Rodent & Wildlife

  • Chemical barriers and exclusion services are the best way to deter pests from entering your structure.
  • Exclusions are the most effective method of dealing with rodents and wildlife, preventing them from getting inside permanently.
  • Typically monthly exterior chemical barrier treatments will prevent insects from getting inside.
  • Treating active interior pest infestations requires the cautious placement of insecticides.
  • For active rodent or wildlife infestations the prescribed treatments will vary based on visible conditions after an inspection.