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Katy, Texas is a city based in the state of Texas in the United States and is situated on the Interstate Highway 10 and the U.S Highway 90 along the intersection of Waller, Fort Bend, and Harris counties. This is about 25 miles down the West of Downtown Houston.


Back in the 1800’s, this city was referred to as the Cane Island,’ a name it acquired courtesy of the creek which runs through its vicinity, a Buffalo Bayou branch. At the time, the creek was full of tall canes, although not native to this area. The canes were assumed to have been planted either by Spanish explorers or Karankawa Indians to assist in the trapping of fur until the 1820’s.

This city’s population in the last census in 2010 was 14,102, a significantly higher number than was recorded in the 2000 census at 11,775. Nonetheless, despite the population of this city amounting to only thousands, the adjoining subdivision rivals the populace of several major cities across the nation establishing it as among the fastest growing areas in the U.S.

Living in Katy

Living within Katy, Texas means an escape from the bustles of the otherwise vibrant Houston scene. Katy offers a distinct charm of a relatively small town or the complexity of suburbia. Housing here ranges from condominiums and apartment to large estate establishments boasting ample acreage to delight in and maintain horses as well as other including luxurious golf courses as their backyards.

The subdivisions flourish with swimming pools, tennis courts, as well as endless amenities to suit their residents. Additionally, it also includes numerous apartments which cater to families and singles. Katy has merely the taste to meet anyone’s lifestyle.

At the heart of Katy are fully-planned communities that feature shopping center areas, spacious plazas, not to mention every convenience which improves community living that direct the way to potential future growth in an efficient and exciting style.

As such, with the diversity of housing Katy has to offer, notwithstanding your stature, this is a city where anyone can find living quite easy and affordable. However, a residence within a society is just a small part of being part of the life in the society. Katy, Texas offers so much more including numerous clubs, organizations, as well as churches to cater to one’s inclination for a fulfilling lifestyle.


Historically, Katy is an agricultural region with its major crop being rice as well as soya beans, although the latter was just recently introduced as an alternative. This city also happens to be the region that houses among the largest U.S gas fields; a factor which has significantly contributed to the region’s overall economy. Furthermore, the recent development of several industrial sites in both the West and East parts of the city has also contributed to the overall economic growth.


Katy is famous for its lovely subtropical climate. Located on the Texas coastal plains, and being relatively close to the Mexican Gulf, the prevailing Gulf winds, as well as average winter low and high summer temperatures, make the summers warm and humid and winters mild. The daily average temperatures during the summer range around the mid 90’s with the daily high temperatures averaging at 65 degrees. The rainfall here averages between 45 and 50 inches annually.


Overall, the ethics of determination, hard work, concern, and honor inherent in the Katy founders, still lingers around the city and its populace and can be felt in the pleasant cross between little town benefits and the advantages of a growing city.

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