Cypress Critters and Pests | Maintenance Services
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Maintenance Services

  • Tree and Limb Removal

  • Overgrown trees and limbs are one of the easier ways wildlife and insects gain access to your home. Over time, limbs contacting siding or shingles ruins the integrity of the surrounding areas and causes leaks. Cypress Critters & Pests will remove limbs and small trees that pests use to gain access to the roof or can potentially cause damage to the structure.

  • Gutter Cleaning

  • Gutters need to be maintained throughout the life of the home to ensure the value and integrity of the structure there protecting. Debris in gutters causes moisture and mildew damage to the home. Fascia boards, siding, and even shingles are damaged by excessive water run off giving wildlife the necessary conditions to enter or further damage your home. Excessive moisture and debris in gutters are favorable conditions for insect harborage as well.